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Saturday, February 22, 2003

Playlist - 22nd February 2003

Mr Easy-One Draw-(2B1)
Prince Malachi-Garvey Teach Them-(Jet Star)
Luciano-Serve Jah-(Jet Star)
Cornell Campbell-Devil in Bed Dub-(Moll Selekta)
Anthony B-Freedom of Speech-(Jet Star)
Dillinger-Youthman Dub-(Jah Warrior)
Charles Atlas-Sun with teeth-(Ochre)
The Land of Nod-A Sequence of Speech-(Ochre)
Kawabata Makoto-I'm in your innermost-(Ochre)
Skyray-Neptune Variations-(Ochre)
Blunt Instrument-Goin up to Moscow-(Pump)
Moly-Me and Lucifer-(Tenor)
Blunt Instrument-Hail to the Chiefs-(Pump)
Spintronics-Cleaning Woman-(Fiend)
Habitual Mastabreaker-MDF-
Candi Nook-Phelox's Magic Carpet-(Fiend)
Paul Harrison and DDN-Track 5-(Fiend)
Mumtit Surreal-1st Extract-
Sugar Minott-Wicked Ago Feel It-(Wackies)
Chukki Starr-Revelation Time-(Jet Star)
Prince Alla-More Love-(Jah Warrior)
U-Brown-Jah Jah Ah Mi Guidance-(Dub Vibes)
Lead Belly-Bourgeois Blues-(Tradition)
Lightin Hopkins-75 Highway-(Tradition)
Fundi Kunde-Jambo Sigara-(RetroAfric)
The Manhatten Brothers and Mimam Makeba- -(Wrasse Records)
S.E. Rogie-Please go easy with me-(Cooking vinyl)
Creation Rebel-Rebel Party-(On U Sound)