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Saturday, March 01, 2003

Playlist - 1st March 2003 - Baked Goods

AROVANE-Neel.-(City Centre Offices)
XELA-Bobble Hats In Summer-(Neo Ouija)
KOPERNIK-The Sea and The Marsh are One-(Eastern Developments)
SUPERSOUL feat JUDAH MANSON & CYNE-Sattva Guna (Make It Happen)-(Rice & Beans)
SIXTOO-Daggers On All Corners-(Vertical Form)
STYROFOAM-The Long Wait-(Morr Music)
DAEDELUS-Busy Signal (Prefuse 73 Remix)-(Eastern Developments)
RADIOINACTIVE & DAEDELUS-Raffle Ticket Blues-(Mush)
POST HUMAN-Moment Of Weakness-(Seed CD)
OTTO VON SCHIRACH feat MR SOUNDWAVE-Beta Bodega (La Guerra)-(Rice & Beans)
THE STEREONERDS/F.O.N.K-(Is What You Don't Play)-(Rather Interesting)
STEVE BOSWELL-I Am Getting Bad-(Motion)
STAUNCH LIASON-Get A Grip-(Chopped Herrings)
KAMAN LEUNG-Let Go-(Lacerated)
CHRISTIAN GIERDEN-Nsk1.Sharoom-(Lux Nigra).
ULTRADYNE-Theory Prolification (Tangible Remix)-(SCSI-AV)
MONTAG-Objets Trouves-(Ai Records)
CORKER/CONBOY-From The Hip-(Vertical Form0
I'M NOT A GUN-Frequent Syndrome-(City Centre Offices)
ISO68-Moontrain/Here There-(Hausmusik)
BOY ROBOT feat FAITHFUL-Untitled-(City Centre Offices)
TROUBLESHOOTER-Subversive Chasm-Modern Love)
CLARO INTELECTO-Contact-(Ai Recordings)
BITSTREAM-Bionic Hands Of DJ Daddylonglegs Pt 1-(Modern Love)
SOUL ODDITY-Tone Capsule-(Astralwerks)
STAKKER-Positive Electron-(Rephlex)
BABY FORD-Normal (Afx Mix)-(Warp)
LOGREYBEAM-Xed Aut-(Shadetek)
I'M NOT A GUN-Make Sense and Loose-(City Centre Offices)
ELLEN ALIEN-Berlinette-(Bpitch Control)
AROVANE-Dynamo Amx-(Din)
ULRICH SCHNAUSS-Hidden Track-(City Centre Offices)