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Saturday, January 31, 2004

Playlist - 31st January 2004 - Baked Goods

ACKIE -Call Me Rambo-(Basic Replay)
CREATION DUB -East Africa Dub-(Wackies)
DONATO WHARTON -Built To Fail-(City Centre Offices)
TRAJECT -Path-(Spezial Material)
CLARO INTELECTO -You Not Me-(Ai Recordings)
DICTAPHONE -Warszawa W Nocy-(City Centre Offices)
SLICKER -Untitled #1-(Hefty)
JOSH ONE with ALOE BLACC -Risin'-(Myutopia)
THE GROUCH & ELIGH -Everlasting-(Legendary)
SHADOW HUNTAZ -American Dreams-(Skam)
SUPERSOUL feat SESS & JUDAH MANSON -.45 (Nick Fury Remix)-(Metatronix)
ROBERT LAX & TARWATER -The Bomb. Scenario For Auditorium-(Intermedium)
AMMON CONTACT -Super Eagles & Black Stars-(Plug Research)
HU VIBRATIONAL -We Walk-(Soul Jazz)
PIXELLATED VISION -Get A Word In Edgeways/Waiting-(SCSI-AV)
SOFALOFA -Block N Oar-(Ai Recordings)
MURMUR -Catnip-(Meanwhile)
NAO TOKUI -Pan Pacific-(Progressive Form)
DEAF CENTER -Dial-(Type)
SAVATH & SAVALAS -Balcon Sin Flores-(Warp)
LALI PUNA -– Geography-5-(Morr Music)
MANY FINGERS -A Room To Breathe In-(Moteer)
DANI SICILIANO -Remember To Forget-(K7)