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Saturday, January 10, 2004

Playlist - 10th January 2004

The Weakerthans -Our retired explorer -(Epitaph)
NeiL Young -See the sky about to rain -(Reprise)
Gene Clark -Strength of strings -(Asylum)
Gillian Welch -Wayside/Back in time -(WEA)
Jeb Loy Nicholls -Carrying this weight -(Green Tea)
Rev J.T.Gates -Death might be your Santa Claus -(Dust To Digital)
Jimi Hendrix Experience -Hey baby -(Universal)
Europa 51 -Four steps in the sun -(Lo Recordings)
Fort Lauderdale -Insane overdrive -(Memphis Industries)
Rechenzentrum -Nelson reshoot -(Mille Plateaux)
Krill.minima -Palmengrasse -(Thinner Records)
Louie vega--jungle fever-(elements of life)
Outkast lp-track vibrate-(arista)
Hardsoul/ron carroll -back togethor-(Soulfuric)
Jacqui williams-favour-(Real side)
Kennycarvajel/john pierce-My words-(Phuture)
Jay-z-99 problems-(Rockafella)
Joey/norman jay-Good times 3 lp-(Track-california soul)
Crème de la creme-Variouslp comp-
Southport weekender various-Track-hi tech jazz-(Susu)
A soldiers story-Varioustrack-back to the world-(Kent)