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Saturday, March 06, 2004

Playlist - 6th March 2004

Blood and Fire in the studio

Pretty Girls Make Graves-C-30, C-60, C-90-(Matador)
Bobby Womack-IT'S all over now-(Charly)
Big joe-In the ghetto-(Bloodand fire)
Jah mali-Corner stone-(Blood and fire)
King tubby-Satta dread-(Blood and fire)
Jah stitch-Raggamuffin style-(Blood and fire)
Big youth-Hotta fire-(Blood and fire)
Big youth-Riverton city-(Blood and fire)
Gregory isaacs-Storm-(Blood and fire)
Cornell campbell-Dance in a greenwich farm-(Blood and fire)
Dr. alimantado-Chalice blaze-(Blood and fire)
King tubby-Dancing roots-(Blood and fire)
Lynval thompson-Cool down your temper-(Blood and fire)
Black uhuru-Rent man-(Blood and fire)
Ranking joe-Rent man style-(Blood and fire)
Dennis brown-Want to be no general-(Blood and fire)
Ranking dread-General-(Blood and fire)
Big youth-Waterhouse rock-(Blood and fire)
John holt-For the love of you-(Blood and fire)
Dean fraser-Dahina dimps-(Blood and fire)
The heptones-Mr. President-(Hep hep records)
African brothers-Rightous kingdom-(Black roots)
Angie stone & black roots allstars-I wish i didn't miss you anymore-(Nuffwish@hotmail.com)
Dennis brown-The songs my mother used to sing-(Aquarius)
The congos-Bring the macka back-(Blood and fire)
Missy meets aquarius-I can't stand the rain-White)
Natty king-No guns to town-(2 miles)
Junior kelly-One day-(Ruff cut)
Ward 21-Ganja smoke-(John john)
Major mackerel-Weed-(Gyas)
Innocent crew-Brake down-(Beatruut)
Natural black-It's a joy-(Blood and fire)