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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Playlist - 23rd April 2011

Best audio quality (IPlayer)

Maria Minerva – Unchain my heart – Not Not Fun
Dawn Golden & Rosey Cross – Blacks – Mad Decent
Hong Kong in the 60s – You can take a heart but you can’t make it beat
– Proper Songs Recordings
Belbury Poly – Far off things – Ghost Box
Coki – Boomba – Tempa
Burial – Stolen dog – Hyperdub (Street Halo EP)
Venetian Snares – Ever apparent all being shoulder – Planet Mu
(Cubist Reggae)
Actress – Harrier ATTK - Nonplus Records
CS Yeh – In the blink of an eye - De Stijl Records
Thurston Moore – Benediction – Matador (Demolished Thoughts)
Memory Tapes – Today is our life – Something In Construction
TV On the Radio – Will do (XXXChange Dancehall mix) – Polydor
(Nine Types of Light)
Unknown Mortal Orchestra – How can U luv me? – Fat Possum
Steve Gurley – Walk on by (VIP mix) - Groovechronicles Recordings
B.I.L.L. - Glassbamboo - Klangbad
Rutman's Steel Cello Ensemble feat. Ginsberg, Hentz & Irmler - Explorer - Klangbad -
Julia Kent - Guarding the Invitations - Tin Angel - (Green and Grey)
William D Drake - An Ideal World - Onophonic - The Rising of the Lights
Damon and Naomi - Nettles and Ivy - Broken Horse - False Beats and True Hearts
Tok i monsta - Day Job - Brainfeeder
Amon Tobin - Wooden Toy (Starkey Remix) - Ninja Tunes
Eskmo - Moving Glowstream (Amon Tobin Remix) - Ninja Tunes
Alexis Tyrel - Rebecca Loos - Less is More Recordings
Agoria feat. Carl Craig & La Scalars - Speechless (Whispher Dub) - Infine / Sun Ra and His Mythic Science Arkestra - Somebody Else's Idea - Art Yard
Konji Asano - Galaxies - Solstic

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Playlist - 16th April 2011

Best audio quality (IPlayer)


Rhythm Master On The Wire Part Two
Tribute to the Godson – Glenmore Brown

The War Is Over (continued)
1. African Drums – Glen Brown – African Museum

Only Love
2. Only Love – Gaby & Wilton – Scorpion**
3. Right Food Skank – G.L.B. – South East Music Limited
4. Jah Jah Bring Everything – Jah Glen as Glen Richard - South East Music Limited

Glen Brown At Cross Roads
5. Version – G.L.B. - South East Music Limited
6. Mr Ball Head Akekin – Bobby Aitken - Pantomine
7. Glen Brown At Cross Roads – Glen Brown – Pantomine
8. Crankie Bine – Rosey Davis & Prince Jazzbo – Count 123***
9. Plum Plum – Prince Jazzbo – Count 123***
10. Mitchville Rock – Glen Brown – Slang (USA)
11. Christmas Song – Glen Brown & Roman Charley – Pantomine
12. Christmas – Ranford Smith – Pantomine
13. East Christmas Song – Glen Brown – Dwyer
14. This Is It – Glen Brown – Dwyer

Gable Up
15. Gable Up – Carl Masters – Tropical AL 0019B (UK)
16. Mr. Melody – G.L.B. – South East Music Limited

Two Wedden Skank
17. Two Wedden Skank – Glen Brown – Down Town DT507 (UK)
18. Pantomine Rock – Glen Brown – Pantomine
19. Brother Toby Is A Movie From London – I Roy – Pantomine

Opportunity Rock/Midnight In Moscow
20. Kings House Rock - South East Trumpet – South East Music Limited
21. Medetating Or Own Way Life - Glenmore Brown - South East Music Limited
22. Never Too Young To Learn – Roman Stewart – Pantomine
23. Dubble Attack – Big Youth – Pantomine
24. Opportunity Rock – Big Youth – Pantomine
25. Opportunity Dub – King Tubby – SEML SE10 006 10” (UK)

Produced & Arranged by Glen Brown on Jamaican 7” unless stated
**Produced by Charlie Ace
***Produced by Prince Jazzbo
Selection courtesy of the Rt. Hon. Harry Hawks

Tamikrest - Nak Amadjar Nidounia - Glitterhouse Records
Eric Agregman - Nea Abe Beto - Rough Guide
Africa Hi-Tech - Out in the Streets - Warp
Merry Hell - Over the Border -
The Process Meets Ghetto Priest - The Lion of Judah Hath Prevailed - Adrian Sherwood Mix (featuring Congo Natty) - Temple Gong Records

Adam and the Ants - Car Trouble - Do It Records
Bow Wow WOW - c-30, c-60, c-90 Anda - EMI
Model 500 - OFI - Berlin Brands

Some Other Gigs

 16th April. Jazz Brunch.Jazz Funk from Paul Rigby and Friends. Three in a Bar, Belgrave Road, Darwen.
Grub from 12.30. Music from 2pm.Children allowed.

Wed 20th April. Remember th'Imp. Exhibition all to do with the legend that was the Nelson Imperial that sported the Beatles Band, Stones, Otis Redding, Booker T etc. Haworth Art Gallery, Accrington.

Sat 21st May. Staff Benda Bilili. Bridgewater Hall, M/c.

Enrico tells you where to go W/C 18/4/11.

Tues. 19/4. Mi Ami. Islington Mill, Salford.
Ex Dischord records band Black Eyes, now renamed on Thrill Jockey and ripping up the hardcore aesthetic with samplers and rhythm boxes.
Wed 20/4. Alasdair Roberts. The Grand, Clitheroe.
Stellar Scottish folkie with reedy voice. This venue is looking up and looking good.
Thurs. 21/4. Stefan Basho-Junghans and Nick Jonah Davis. Castle Hotel, M/c.
Another installment of excellent promoter M>I>E> music's Woden Guitar series of improv guitarists influenced by John Fahay.
Fri. 22/4. Trembling Bells and Jane Weaver. The Continental, Presto.
Gig of the year Pt 2. Folk rock superstars from Glasgow supported by psych folk songbird. T Bells had album of the week in the SundayTimes from Stewart Lee a fortnight ago and Jane hardly ever gigs but is fantastic live. £5 Entrance.
Sat 24/4. R Kelly. O2 Apollo, M/.c.
Lock up your daughters! Hopefully, he will include some of his unintentionaly hillarious 'In the Closet' r'n'b opera which is worth £50 of anyone's money, honestly! (Are you sure, Rico?)
Sun 25/4 One Road Down, Boy Genius, Stitchthread and Flase Flag.The Mad Ferret, Presto.
Rock/metal night at Preston pub. Turn up early as False Flag may be of interest to OTW listeners-they describe themselves as punk-dub, similar to Dub Trio (Steve has checked Dub Trio in his column in the Wire mag).
Mon 25/4. Street Dogs Moho Live, M/c.
Rebellion Festival style street punk.
*** 2nd May. (banker) 1pm to 6pm.Wave Pictures, Viv Albertine (Slits), Sonny and the Sunsets. Continental, Presto.***

Saturday, April 09, 2011

Playlist - 9th April 2011 - Funkology

Best audio quality (IPlayer)

The Isley Brothers - Here we go again - Elektra
Jimmy Ponder - Mean Streets-no Bridges - Pho Records
The 5 Stairsteps - Don't Change you Love - Sequel
Bernard Pretty Purdie - Hap'nin - Lita
The Horses - Backed up - Kat - Kat
C & c Music Factory - Share that Beat of Love - Street Soul
Heston - The Greatest Love - Dome
Donnel Pitman - Love Explosion - Z Records promo
Horace Andy - Fever - Blood & Fire
Horace Andy - Fever Dub - Blood & Fire
Brass Construction - Now is Tomorrow (JM'S M & M Today Groove Mix) - bbe
J.S. Theracon - Buckets O'Duckets - Akashic Records
Flowers - For Real - Gamma Enterprise
King Tubby - The Dub Station - Trojan
King Tubby - King Tubby's Dub - Trojan
King Tubby - An Aggravating Dub - Trojan
Peven Everett - Love of your Life - Trippin Records
Nicola Conte - Teardrop Painted Blue - Fro-disa
Sarah Vaughan - Mystery of Man - Raps On

Friday, April 08, 2011

Bob in Beijing

A shaky vid of the Bobster in live Beijing, PRC, at the
Worker's Gymnasium 6th April 2011. "Tangled up in Blue" complete with
chatting in Mandarin .........


Saturday, April 02, 2011

Playlist - 2nd April 2011

Best audio quality (IPlayer)

Chrissy Murderbot - Pelvic floor (ft. Rubi Dan) – Planet Mu
(Women’s Studies)
RSD – Dance Hall Rock (ft. Ricky Ranking) – Zettai Mu(go in a good way)
Tiger – Hic up (ft. Greg Isaacs) – VP (Most Wanted)
Shabba Ranks – Ting-a-ling – VP (Reggae Anthology: Steely & Clevie –
Digital Revolution)
Lady G & Sugar Minott – Whole heap a man - VP (Reggae Anthology:
Steely & Clevie – Digital Revolution)
Kiddus I – Crying wolf – Shepherd / Dub Store
Naggo Morris – False Rasta – Springhill / S&G Records
General Plough – One more river – Rock A Shacka
Disrupt – Events occur in real time – Police in Helicopter
Prince Jammy – Higgler move dub – Greensleeves vpgs (Evolution of
Dub Vol.6 – Was Prince Jammy an Astronaut?)
Sugar Minott – Sheriff John Brown – Black Victory
Peikko & Lassi – Pula dub (ft. Piekko Viitala – Jimi Tenor version) –
Jajouka Soundsystem – Salahadeen – Six Degrees mp3 (Transnational Dubstep)
Wagon Christ - Ain't He Heavy, He's My Brother - Ninja Tunes
Dub Colossus - Yeh Shimbraw Tir Tir - Realworld
The Strokes - Taken for a foul - Rough Trade
Joan as Police Woman - Nervous - Play it Again Sam - PIAS
Dorian Concept - Her tears taste like pears - Ninja Tunes
Laki Mera - How Dare you (keyboard choir remix) -Just Music
Joni Mitchell - The Jungle Line - Asylum Records
Betty Wright - Clean up Woman - Atlantic
Gable - Brick Trick - Loaf
Daedelus - Tailor-Made (Tokimonsta Instrumental) - Ninja Tunes
MatthewDavid - No Need to Worry/Mean too Much (Suite) - Brainfeeder
Trumpet of Death - The Press Gang - Tin Angel