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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Enrico tells you where to go W/C 18/4/11.

Tues. 19/4. Mi Ami. Islington Mill, Salford.
Ex Dischord records band Black Eyes, now renamed on Thrill Jockey and ripping up the hardcore aesthetic with samplers and rhythm boxes.
Wed 20/4. Alasdair Roberts. The Grand, Clitheroe.
Stellar Scottish folkie with reedy voice. This venue is looking up and looking good.
Thurs. 21/4. Stefan Basho-Junghans and Nick Jonah Davis. Castle Hotel, M/c.
Another installment of excellent promoter M>I>E> music's Woden Guitar series of improv guitarists influenced by John Fahay.
Fri. 22/4. Trembling Bells and Jane Weaver. The Continental, Presto.
Gig of the year Pt 2. Folk rock superstars from Glasgow supported by psych folk songbird. T Bells had album of the week in the SundayTimes from Stewart Lee a fortnight ago and Jane hardly ever gigs but is fantastic live. £5 Entrance.
Sat 24/4. R Kelly. O2 Apollo, M/.c.
Lock up your daughters! Hopefully, he will include some of his unintentionaly hillarious 'In the Closet' r'n'b opera which is worth £50 of anyone's money, honestly! (Are you sure, Rico?)
Sun 25/4 One Road Down, Boy Genius, Stitchthread and Flase Flag.The Mad Ferret, Presto.
Rock/metal night at Preston pub. Turn up early as False Flag may be of interest to OTW listeners-they describe themselves as punk-dub, similar to Dub Trio (Steve has checked Dub Trio in his column in the Wire mag).
Mon 25/4. Street Dogs Moho Live, M/c.
Rebellion Festival style street punk.
*** 2nd May. (banker) 1pm to 6pm.Wave Pictures, Viv Albertine (Slits), Sonny and the Sunsets. Continental, Presto.***