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Saturday, January 06, 2001

Playlist - January 6th 2001

Landslide -Drum+bossa -(Hospital)
Garnett Silk -Love is the answer -(Atlantic)
Garnett Silk -What do you say? -(Greensleeves)
Junior Kelly -Juvenile -(Penitentiary)
King Tubby's -Release the dub -(Jamaican Recordings)
Carlton & the Shoes -Better days -(Music Club)
Shantel -Rub a dub -(Essay)
Roland Kirk -3-in-1 without the oil -(Verve)
Foreign Legion -Full time b-boy -(Insiduous Urban)
Lee Perry -Bury the razor -(Motion)
The Upsetters -Dub the razor -(Motion)
The 5 Jones Boys -Mr Ghost goes to town -(Trikont)
Rev. J C Burnett -The gospel train is leaving -(Trikont)
Edmond Hall Celeste Quartet feat. Charlie Christian -Profoundly blue -(Trikont)
Dick Justice -Cocaine -(Trikont)
Sigur Ros -Staraflur -(FatCat)
Kelly Joe Phelps -Frets Wilson describes the events leading up to his most recent incarceration -(CDR)

Fenny's Selection

EC80R - Gimme Nuguil All Night Long 7" Single - (DHR)

Mr Chop - The Incredible Popcorn Experiement 7" Single -(Stark Reality)

Freeloader - Out of Control 7" Single - (Hombre Beats)