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Sunday, April 08, 2001

Planet Jackson

Born Eccles near Manchester at 11.10 AM on the 28th December. 1947. Welcome to the wacky world of Planet Jackson aka "RASTAFOUREYES". The three key interests in my life over many years have been Music and Video, Astrology and the Environment all of which have to some extent overlapped and blended.

After a few years as a Civil Servant working for the Inland Revenue in Manchester my childhood interest in music spilled over into my straight job and I arranged gigs for colleagues. In 1966 I met Roger Eagles at his Blues club at the Black Lion in Manchester which I subsequently took over. In the early 1970's I toured the country with the Brownsville Banned as a roadie and sound engineer. In 1978 I left Manchester and moved to Colne in East Lancashire where I still live. I created the Pendle Friends of the Earth group and caused much trouble to developers, polluters and would be road builders. At about the same time I started promoting reggae music and became for a short time secretary of the Burnley Musicians Collective which harboured such local bands as the Not Sensibles, Tiger Tails and most notably Chumbawamba. It was here that I first met Steve Barker who was presenting the predecessor to On the Wire, known as "Spin Off". In subsequent years I put on many bands and entertainers and raised much money for organisations such as Greenpeace, Friends of the Earth, the Miners Support Groups, Christain Aid, the Greenham Women et al. I was helped in this by many people in the business who gave their time freely to support worthy causes. Special mention is due to Mich Hucknall and Simply Red who came to Colne on several occasions and in a number of aliases and would not even accept expenses. Respect to all is due. In the mid eightes I became involved in video production and made multicultural and pop videos, training films etc. I also filmed Adrian Sherwood and Lee Perry on tour which was a truly educational and inspiring experience. In the late 1980's I decided due to failing health that I needed a more sedentary lifestyle and became a practicing astrolger having studied the subject since the age of 16. I have lived for the past twenty something years in the village of Winewall just outside Colne where I still cause anguish to polluters and environmental vandals. I am currently composing and producing my own wacky brand of World music which I will hopefully put on the internet via MP3. To contact

5, Duke Street, Winewall, Trawden, Lancs. BB8 8DA.

Environmental Influences

Jonathon Porritt
Andrew Lees

Musical Influences

Joni Mitchell
Lee Perry
King Tubby
Adrian Sherwood
Ry Cooder
Captain Beefheart
Lightning Hopkins
Roger Eagles
Ewan McColl

Astrological Influences

Linda Goodman
Alan Leo
Liz Greene
Charles Carter
Aleister Crowley

Pet Hates

Mobile Phones and masts
Junk Food
Global Capitalism
People who insist that MP3 Sound quality is as good as a CD