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Saturday, December 01, 2001

Playlist - 1st December 2001

Everton Blender-Babylon-(Survival)
Glen Brown-I'm going thru -(Digital English)
George Nooks-Promise land -(Barry U Records)
Anthony B-God above everything -(Brick Wall)
Fiona-Hold on-(Joe Frasier)
King Tubby-Want to go home dub -(Attack)
Ras Alla & the Spears-Bosrah-(Stars)
Prince Alla-Funeral-(Stars)
Junior Spear & the Spears-Babylon fall-(Stars)
The Wailers Band-Higher field marshall-(PK)
Computer Paul-No vacancy-(Charm0
Pompidoo-Synthesizer voice-(Jahmin')
Admiral Bailey -Big belly man-
Tenor Saw-Golden hen-(Smugg)
Dennis Bovell-Ricochet-(LKJ)
Ken Boothe-Say you-(Trojan)
John Holt-Ali Baba-(Metro)
Israel Vibration-Crisis dub-(EMI)
Thievery Corporation-A guide for I and I-(ESL)
Matumbi-Point of view-(EMI0
Alpha & Omega -Serious joke-(A&O)
Löbe-Spiral jetty-(After Before)
Twilight Circus-Session - acid flashback-(CDR)