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Saturday, October 06, 2001

Playlist - 6th October 2001

Bob Dylan -Highwater -(Columbia)
Charlie Patton -High water everywhere Pt 1 -(Yazoo)
Laurence McKiver -Kneebone bend -(Smithsonian Folkways)
Money Mark -Soul Drive Sixth Avenue -(Emperor Norton)
Kid 606 -Whereweleftoff (atom tm) -(Mille Plateaux)
Bogdan Radczinski -Myloveilove -(Rephlex)
Aphex Twin -jynweythek ylow -(Warp)
tompaulin -All your favourite records -(Ugly Man)
Monkey Island -Mussolini's teaspoons -(Ultra)
Frightened Prisoners of the Kraken -Going home -(Artists Against Success)
Mabulu -AIDS -(Riverboat)
Orchestra Baobab -Ultra horas -(World Circuit)
John Martyn -Bless the weather/Beverley -(One World)
Little Axe -Play all night long -(CDR)
Grootna -I'm funky -(Harmless)
Roots Manuva -Dreamy days -(Big Dada)
Adrian Sherwood -Zero zero one -(CDR)
Os Incriveis -Vendedor be bananas -BMG France)
Jorge Ben -Cuidado com bulldog-
Orchestre National be Berbes -Poulina -(Earthworks)
Celso Pina -Cumbia sobre el rio -(Ocho)
Rachid Taha -Barra barra -(Ark 21)
Flanger -Inner spacesuit -(Ninja Tune)