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Saturday, December 08, 2001

Playlist - 8th December 2001

24 carat black -ghetto: misforti=unes wealth -
Angie Stone -Brotha -(Arista)
Leroy Burgess -Heartbreaker Soul Brother Records -
New Love Symphony Orchestra -My love don't come easy -(Tom Tom Club)
Defunkt -Illusion -(Music Avenue)
MAW featuring /w Roy Ayers -Our time is coming -
Mystikal -Bouncin' back -(Jive)
Muro -Bohemian -(Yellow)
Jammers -What u got 2 lose -
Lakescene -Sixty second interval -(Ochre)
Elephant Man -Earth Angel -
Major Mackerel -Pretty looks done -(Jahmin')
Coco Tea -Death in the stadium -(Jahmin')
Johnny Osborne -Rewind -(Jahmin')
Rootsman -Sounds of freedom -(Meteosound)
Sons of Silence -Silence go boom -(Unfold Music)
Goldfinga -Bigga judgement -(Greensleeves)
Attention Industries -Appalachians -(Heimelektro)
Linda Scott -I've told every little star -(Milan)
Bl├Ątter -Curtain -(Lux Nigra)
Swimmer -Tom & Jerry -(Heyrec)
Rebekah del Rio -Llorando -(Milan)
Madonna over Yorkshire -Three -(Irdial)
Static -Cruising -(City Centre Offices)
Ulf Lohmann -Because before -(Kompakt)
David Byrne -Walk on water -(Virgin)