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Saturday, June 05, 2004

Playlist - 5th June 2004

Sound Dimension-Bionic Dub-(Soul Jazz)
Prince Buster-Java Dub-(Prince Buster)
Count Ossie-Babylon gone-(Moondisc)
Prince Fari-Commandment of drugs-(Frontline)
King Tubby-Jah Jah Version-(Trojan)
Stanley Beckford-Soldering-(Barclay)
Hey-Good luck-(Decoder Muzique)
Weevie-Motherland dub-(Stoic Records)
Cinematic Orchestra-All things to all men-(Ninja Tunes)
Future Pigeon-Superdown-(Shipwrecords)
DJ/Rupture-Pleasure ruin dub-(Wordsound)
Clouddead-Dead dogs two-(Mush Records)
The Fall-How I wrote Elastic Man-(Castle Music)
ACASS MCCOMBS-Bobby, King of Boy’s Town-(4AD)
The Mountain Goats-Palmcorder Yajna-(4AD)
Half Cousin-Mrs Pilling-(Gronland)
Jab Wobble-Etishganlar Raksy-(30 Hertz)
OOIOO-Kila kila kila-(Thrill jockey)
Django Reinhart-L’se A Muggin-(Rough Guide)
Surfin Dreams and Chaos-Mee- -(Baboon Records)
Mystic Chords of Memory-Pi and a Bee II-(Rough Trade)
Brooks-Tell Somebody about the beat-(Magic and Accident)
Black Dice-Night Flight-(Fat Cat)
L.Pierre-Total Horizontal-(Melo
Future pilot aka-Ravi Shankar-(Geog)