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Saturday, September 17, 2005

Playlist - 17th September 2005

John Eden and Paul Meme mix and On the Wire is 21 years old

Delroy Wilson-Keep on Trying-Music Lab
Carlton Livingstone-You Make Your Mistake-Black Joy
Lone Ranger-Collie Dub-Black Joy
Yellowman-Soldier Take Over-Sonic Sounds
Welton Irie-Army Life-Pressure Sounds
King Kong-Don't Touch My Boops-Unity Sounds
Admiral Bailey and Chaka Demus-One Scotch-Unity Sounds
Shabban Rankin-Roots and Cultue-Digital B
Pinchers-Bandolero-Jammy$ Records
Frankie Paul-Tu Shung Peng-Greensleeves
Frisco Kid-It's OK-Jammy$ Records
Trevor Sparks-Bye Bye Love-Jammy$ Records
Admiral Bailey-No Wey Better Than Yard-Live & Love
Pinchers-Agony-Live & Love
Admiral Bailey-Big Belly Man-Live & Love
Shabba Ranks-Trailer Load of Girls-Shang
Cutty Ranks-Dominate-Penthouse
Bong Ra-666MPH (FFF vs Dionysos Remix)-Supertracks Records
LFO Demon-Utterly Wipeout (Rave for Communism)-Sprengstoff
Prince Jammy-Jammin for Survival (Grievous Angel's Jammin' on Distortion Mix)-Attack / Morwell Esq?
Initial T-Tricks and Trade-Tree House Cannabis Music
Turbulence-Notorious-Tree House Cannabis Music
RL Burnside-Charleston Interview-M.C. records
RL Burnside-Goin’ Down South-M.C. records
Horror Pops-Freak in Uniforms-Hellcat Records
Motion City Soundtrack-Everything is Alright-Epitah
Kate Rusby-Mary Blaize-Pure Records
Amandine -Halo-Fat Cat
Tom Paulin-Radio Days-Soup Records
Ray Charles-Georgia on My Mind-Prism
Lee Perry with the Flying Vicars and Sir Freddy Viaduct-Scratch on the Wire-Leohorn Records
Captain Beefheart-Orange Claw Hammer-Reprise
Cabaret Volitaire-Nag Nag Nag-Novamute
Staggering Heights-Staggering Heights-On U Sound
Bob Dylan-Forever Young-Columbia
Nozomi Myanishi-Spirng Yellow-Cooking Vinyl