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Saturday, October 22, 2005

Playlist - 22nd October 2005

Jack Rose -Cathedral et Chartres -Beautiful Happiness
Ambrose Cambell -Yolanda -Honest Jons Records
Shukar Collective -Gypsy blues -Riverboat
Mutamassik -Mawlid -Very Friendly
Krispy -What they talking about -Skullsnap
Bo Diddley -Bo meets the monster -Ace)
Bo Diddley -Googlia moo -Chess
Ry Cooder -3rd base, Dodger Stadium -Nonesuch
Charlie Schmidt -Athabasca Valles blues -Strange Attractor Audio House
Zook -Slerky -Touch Tones r
Kit Clayton -Endiku -Soul Jazz
The Nightingales-Down in the Dumps-ATR
Geraldo Pino and the Heartbeats-Let Them Talk-RetroAfric
Jegsy Dodd and the Original Sinners-Pete Marsh (where you’ve bring)-Piffle
Llwybr Llaethog-Bethesda-Rasal –CD007
Arab Strap-Chat in amsterdam-Chemikal Underground
One way system-Jerusalem-Say no to Government Music
Wedding Present-Ringway to Seatac-Tone
My Awesome compilation-Set to Go-Sore Point Records
The Kills-No Wow-Domino
Millencolin-Shut you out-Burning Heart Records
Alec Empire -Hunt you Down-Digital Hardcore
White Hassle-Your Language-Fargo – FA062
Richard Buckner and Jon Langford-Rolling of the Eyes-Frago