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Sunday, November 27, 2005

Playlist - 26th November 2005 - Baked Goods

VARIOUS PRODUCTION / Hater (Various Production)
TV-RESISTORI / Huomisen Otsikot (Fonal)
KEMIALLISET YSTÄVÄT / Systeemi 4 (Fonal)
KIILA / Kateet Linnut (Fonal)
WOMEN & CHILDREN / Build Me A Castle (Hallso)
MI and L'AU / Bums (Young God)
JUNIP / Turn To The Assassin (Teme Shet)
MIMI SECUE / Far Away (Karate Joe)
CHESSIE / Velvet (Lok Musik)
FOG / Box With Lynx On Lid (Alien Transistor)
STILL / A Dream You Were Alive (Public Guilt)
SICKOAKES / Oceans On Hold (Type)
BRUCE LANGHORNE / Riding Thru The Rain (Blast First Petite)
AMANDINE / For All The Marbles (Fat Cat)
GLIM / Christoph's Box (Karate Joe)
CIRCULATORY SYSTEM / The Lovely Universe (Cloud)
MATINEE ORCHESTRA / Run For Cover (Arable)
TAPE / A Spire (Hapna)
DICTAPHONE / Danke (City Centre Offices)
ENCRE / Plexus (Clapping Music)
EZEKIEL HONIG and MORGAN PACKARD / A Lake Of Suggestion Part 1 (Microcosm)
COLOPHON / Kona (Temporary Residence)
LARSEN / K (Important)
ANTHONY BURR and SKULLI SVERRISSON / Except In Memory (Workers Institute)
ARTIST UNKNOWN / Birds Are Singing But My Lover Won't Return (Sublime Frequencies)