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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Enrico's Top Tips for w/c 14/02/11 and slightly beyond.

Wed. 16/2/11. James Yorkston. Deaf Institute, M/c.
Superlative Scottish Folkie. (previously heard on OTW).

Thurs 17/2/11. Jayo Dot. Islington Mill, Salford.
Epic gothic ex-metallers with jazz and classical influences.(Whhaaa?). 7pm start.

Fri 18/2/11. Emly Barker (No relation) and the Red Clay Halo.Manchester Castle Hotel
Anglo/Australian chamber folk quartet with stunning hamony vocals.

Sat 19/2/11/ Wolf People. Deaf Inst. M/c.
70's influenced prog rock, think Groundhogs/Fairports. (I'd rather not, thanks.)

Sunday 20/2/11. YUCK. Lancaster Library.
New UK grunge hopefuls.

Monday 21/2/11. Our Love Will Destroy the World./ Neil Campbell and Nick Flower.Islington Mill, Salford.