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Friday, May 20, 2011

Enrico's gigs W/c 23.5.11. Hear his personalised Mrs Cakehead jingle on this week's OTW.

Tuesday 24/5/11. Mountains. Islington Mill, Salford.
Electronic duo on Thrill Jockey compared to Brian Eno and Fennesz.

Wed 25th. Travelling Band (On Saturday's OTW). The Grand, Clitheroe.
Hippyish Glastonbury party Mancs.

Thurs. 26th. Hypnotic Brass Ensemble. Band on the Wall, M/c.
Innovative prog/jazz street musicians with hio hop sensibility.

Fri. 27th. The Mountain Goats.Academy 3, M/c.
Absolute highest recommendation.

Sat 26th. Nightingales, Ted Chippington John Hyatt (3 Johns), Changing Horses.The Continental, Presto.
Matinee Gig 1.25pm to 4.30pm.
Top line up from the Twang Club/John Peel/OTW in the mid 80's.
Don't watch Champions League Final, says Enrico, go and see great American garage band Thee Oh Sees at the Deaf Institute in M/c.

Sunday 29th. Sisters of Transistors. St. Margaret's Church, Chorlton, M/c.
Great project from Graham Massey of 808 State. He drums in the middle of a hareem of analogue keyboard toting pretend nuns.

Monday 27th. S.C.U.M. Mad Ferret, Presto.
Goth band very trendy last year.