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Monday, May 30, 2011

What the hell's going on with Enrico.W/c 29/5/11.

Tues 31/5/11. Phospherescent. Deaf Institute, M/c.
American country influenced.

Wed 1/6/11. The Lovely Eggs. Night and Day caff. M/c.
Morecambe's finest twee/grunge duo.

Thurs 2/6/11. Woodie Guthrie 'Hard Times & Hard Travelin'. Continental, Preston.

Fri.3/6/11. The Fall. Manchester Moho Live.

Sat 4/6/11. Aathenor and Alexander Tucker. Islington Mill, Salford.
Drone metal/loops and drones.

Sun 5/6/11. Scrabble Club.3pm-9pm. Deaf Institute, M/c.
Yes! It really is a scrabble club.

Mon 6/6/11. Judie Collins. Manchester Dancehouse Theatre.
American folk original from the 60's.