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Thursday, May 05, 2011

A fortnight's worth of jigs courtesy of Enrico La Rocca.

Tues 10/5/11. Handsome Family. Band on the Wall, M/c
Spellbinding grim tales from husband and wife alt country duo.

Wed 11/5. Group Douhe and Brothers Unconnected. Islington Mill, Salford.
The remaining 2/3rds of OTW favourites Sun City Girls together with a great band from Alan Bishop's Sublime Frequencies label who he describes as "a Saharan sand blizzard of fine crushed glass which will grind your face into a bloody pulp". Enrico says "Don't say I didn't warn you".Fenny
says "sounds like a walk down the front at Fleetwood".

Thurs 12/5.F**ked Up and Kong. Islington Mill, Salford.
Excellent epic Canadian hardcore act. Low stage at this venue so be prepared for fat sweaty singer to shove a mic in your face and urge you to scream at him. ( sounds like anothe walk down the front at Fleetwood).
Great support from heavy, creepy, mask wearing Mancs.

Fri 13/5. Scout Niblett, Suuns, EMA. Islington Mill, Salford.3rd exceptional night in a row at this great venue.SN is a great singer/songwriter in guitar/drum duo, varying from ear splitting metal to engaging unaccompanied singalongs. Suuns are Krautrocking Canadians and EMA is a heavily touted PJ Harvey soundalike.

Sat 14/5.Bilge Pump. Mad Ferret, Presto.
Return of Leeds sludge-core trio, excellent band who have honed their sound over many years. Very tight.

Sun 15/5. High Llamas. Deaf inst, M/c.
Extreme lounge terror from ex Microdisney guy Sean O Hagen, referencing Beach Boys, bossa nova, Stereolab and all things melodic and groovy.

Mon 16/5. Gonjasufi. Band on the Wall, M/c.
Premier Warp records act.Psychadelic soul shot through with fractured hip hop, mystical far-eastern soundscapes and lots of other good stuff. Unlike last outing, he will be going out with a full band. Should be mind blowing.

Tues 17/5. Chain and the Gang. Deaf Inst. M/c.
Current project of legendary frontman Ian Svenonius, previously of Nation of Ulysees, Weird War etc.
Underground quirky US pop with a big funk twist.

Wed 18/5.Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti. Academy 3, M/c.
Highest profile of the American 'Hypnogogic' pop acts referencing 80's AOR cheese through a hazy dream. His 'Before Today' was loved by everone from Wire to Mojo last year.

Thurs 19/5. Sufjan Stevens. Apollo, M/c.
Heroic return of possibly the most accomplished snger songwriter currently operating. A total master. Sure to be an exceptionally good stage show as well. Last time in M/c, the whole ensemble dressed as tropical birds.

Fri 20/5.Jah Wobble and the Modern Jazz Ensemble. Ruby Lounge, M/c.
Main reason you don't need to see PIL again, no Wobble.Another OTW fave. Sure to be a selection of great riddims from various ethno-styles.

Sat 21/5. Staff Benda Billili. Bridgewater Hall, M/c.
Mesmerising paraplegic street musicians from the Cogo.Tracks from their new CD on last week's and this weeks OTW.

Sun 22/5.Duke Spirit. Lancaster Library.
Totally decent art-rockin' indie with a great singer.

Sun 23/5. Julianna Barwick. Kraak Gallery, M/c.
Ethereal Brooklyn based singer who uses loops, lush ambient folk on Sufjan Steven's Asthmatic Kitty label.

Next Tuff Life Boogie at the Continental in Presto. Saturday 28th May starts at 1pm til tea time. With the Nightingales and Ted Chippington and a solo set from John Hyatt from the 3 Johns. Party like it's 1985 at the Twang Club!