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Saturday, January 20, 2001

Playlist - 20th January 2001

Lee Perry -Enter the dragon -Motion
The Black Disciples -Death before dishonour -Heartbeat
Black Foundation -Creation -
The Love Grocer -Wood of life -Dubhead
Quasimoto -Microphone mathematics -Stones
Channel One dubs x 2 -from forthcoming Pressure Sounds compilation -
Jackie Mittoo -Hot milk -Soul
Pan Sonic -Vaihtovirta -Blast First
Jan Jelinek -Rock in the video age -~scape
Burnt Friedman -It hurts -Nonplace
District Siz -Chamutengure -District Six
2nd Gen -And/Or -Nova
Sluta Leta -Kista -Chocolate Industries
Rokia Traore -Yere uolo -Manteca
Charlie Musselwhite -Que te parece cholita -Virgin
Franco -Azda -Manteca
Africando -Miye na we -Sterns
DJ Cam -DJ Cam Sound System -Six Degrees
Bollywood Brass Band -Gur nalon iskh mitha -Hemisphere