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Saturday, April 14, 2001

Playlist - 14th April 2001

Dub Syndicate -Well Cold -(Lion & Roots)
Shuggie Otis -Aht uh mi hed -(Luaka Bop)
Shuggie Otis -Sweet thang -(Luaka Bop)
Junior Kelly -Good Tidings -(Bakchich)
Love Grocer -Middle Platt skanak -(DubHead)
Suns of Arqa -Cosmic Jugalbandi -(Arka Sound)
Martin Rev -Wings of the wind -(Marilyn)
Osunlade -Rader du -(Soul Jazz Records)
Antibalas -El machete -(Ninja Tune)
Marcos Valle -Fundo falso -(Far Out)
Elephant Man -New Application -(King Of Kings)
Bill Blast -Barrell Mentality -(Global Domination)
Upsetters -Enter the Dragon -(Motion)

Fenny's Selection

Blanti.-Chillum and a Chai. From the Waterstock Benefit CD Threading Beads. Various artists inc. Mrs Cakehead.-(Contact for info:Cheap and Best Records 2001. 5, Crimea Street. Bacup, Lancs.)

Stephen Nancy-I feel sick from the 3 track The Worthless CD-(Nancy Records. On sale at Piccadilly Records in M/c.chris@stephennancy.com)

Airport Girl -Home on the Range from their Honey I'm an Artist CD -(Fortuna Pop/Matinee)

Ben Vaughn-Ava Gardner Blues-(From the Shoeshine Records Sampler. Price 1.99 (English))

Mrs. Cakehead -Stuart Hall versus Mrs Cakehead -(All enquiries to Tom Winstanley. 8, Cowtoot Lane, Bacup, Lancs)

Also recommended-Steve Lewis. The One CD on Off beat -(offbeat@globalnet.co.uk)