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Saturday, July 17, 2004

Playlist - 17th July 2004

OTW Beijing and selector Neil Robbins

Glenn Branca-Lesson No.1 for Electric Piano-Acute Records
Deerhoof-C-All Tomorrows Parties
Anne Laplantaine-Dicipline-Emphase Records
Ear Sugar-Faust Chick-Ear Sugar
Tod Dockstader-Eight electronic pieces #3-Locust
Outhud-Hominid jump-Echo Beach
Zimoun-Ladung-Tonus Music
Vibracathedral Orchestra-Goodnight stars goodnight air-VHF
Micah p. Hinson-It's hard to look at you and breathe at the same time-Sketchbook
Kraftwerk-Tour de France-EMI
Ghost-Hynotic Underworld-Drag City
Jeff Mills-Expanded-Axis
Bunzen and Ohno-Rage et Fuge-Bunzen
Markus Wormstorm-Books Books Books-Soundink
Richard Devine -Asect:Dsect-Schematic
Keith Hudson-My Nocturne-Basic Reploy
Icarus-Frog Manik-Leaf
Text of Flight-052402 Echo 4-Table of the Elements
Akchote/Auzet/Ferrari-Sur Le Rhthme-Blue Chopsticks
A Certain Ratio-Rub Down-Factory
Jah Lib-Pillz-Stones Throw
Prince Po feat MF Doom-Social Distortion-Lex Records
Declaime-Life-Hum Drums
Viktor Vaughn-Mr Clean-Soundink
Mad-Villain-Shadows of Tomorrow-PIAS
Yesterday new Quintet feat Dudley Perkins-Nuclear War-Kindred Spirit
David Grubs-Coda (Breathing)-Fat Cat
Malik Flavours-Mind Expansion-Stonest Throw
Squarepusher-Kill Robok-Warp
Mike Kelley-Silver Ball (Light and Colour-Table of the Elements